A Symphony Of Horror

by Dead Pleasures

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Limited to two physical pressings: 100 CDs in jewel case with red-print disc and 100 CDs in digipak with green-print disc

Produced by Dead Pleasures
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Craig France @ Pick N' Styx - July 2009 to March 2011
Artwork by Christian Wallin


released April 3, 2011

Billeth - vocals & bass
D Zombie - vocals & guitar
Francenstein - guitar
Danny Spooks - drums



all rights reserved


Dead Pleasures Telford, UK

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Track Name: Deadly Passion
Pull up your car to the side of the road
Pick up the woman and away you go
Dark hair, with an evil smile
Kinda girl who'd take you for a ride

Take off your coat and make some drinks
Not a clue what is about to begin
She takes a knife and slips it right inside
This girl's got a deadly passion for killing tonight

She's got a deadly passion for killing tonight

Fall off the bed and you fall to the floor
Crawl all you like, you won't reach that door
She'll kiss your lips as a final goodbye
This girl's got a deadly passion for killing tonight
Track Name: Nightmare
He gets you in your dreams
Freddy is his name
Burnt flesh and razor hands
Your fear he will taste

It's a nightmare on Elm Street

The parents burned him
Now he's out for revenge
Killing children in their sleep
Dreams will bring their death

1... 2... Freddy's coming for you
3... 4... Better lock your door
5... 6... Grab your crucifix
7... 8... Better stay up late
9... 10... Never sleep again
Track Name: Plague Of Rage
One month on in an infected world
Plagued by rage and fuelled by hate
Ongoing struggle to live with this curse
Infected become the superior race

As we discover our fate is not to live
As we recover from a fight we cannot win
As we try to keep a life we cannot live
Are we already dead? Or are we just born to kill?

One month later, down the line
Four weeks since the world was damned to hell
All this time trying to survive
Open your eyes, this is the end
Track Name: Embracing The Flames
Julie, I am so sorry
For bringing you back to this pain
You were better off dead
But now you hunger for the flesh

Now we're on the run
One day you'll be mine again
You're tearing the flesh and you're eating the brains
Together we'll die in the flames

Embracing the flames
As I kiss you one last time
We're burning together
Remembered forever for ending our own apocalypse
Track Name: Re-Animator
Re-animated, gonna bring you back to live
Re-animated, got a second chance to make you my wife
Inject into the brain, a potion from the doc who's gone insane
Is this all in vain? Oh no, you'll live again

We beat death together
Now we will live forever

Re-animated, the corpse the grasped your throat
Re-animated, ain't gonna let you die tonight, oh no
Inject into the brain, a potion from the doc who's gone insane
Is this all in vain? Oh no, you'll live again
Track Name: Moonlit Night/Nocturnal Love
I saw you last night, the moon was shining oh, so bright
I took your little hand and I knew
You were the one for me, forever and tonight
Girl, all I want to do is, baby, hold you tight

You took my hand and held me tight - Oh yeah, this feels so right
You put your hand between my thighs - Oh, I'm in love tonight
You said "goodnight" and kissed my eyes - It was a summer night
I'm in love with this girl

I saw you standing there in the middle of the night
Sunlight will kill you, you're forced to walk the night
White face with the blackest hair and bloodstains on your hands
Forced to feed upon human blood until the end of all time
That night I fell in love with the ghoulish girl
And then she stole my heart and introduced me to her world

Now we walk the night in love - Ready to feed upon your blood
Draining veins and making love
And I couldn't be undead without my girl
Because she is my little girl and she's my world
Track Name: The Lost Boys
Bathed in blood, the shadows craves
Die together, live forever

The demon in you has come to life

The blood you taste, the flesh you feel
Is nothing more than what you need

Your fate in Santa Carla town
Look to your blood but not around
Track Name: Damnation
Thousands killed, people mourning
Millions rise, deadly warning
Panic stricken humans flea
Corpses rise to feed on the weak

Tonight's the night, the dead will rise
Bringing new life
Walking corpses flood the streets
Desire for flesh as the undead feed

Hunger for human meat, that's what they'd rather eat
Blood drenched faces and a hunger for more
Unstoppable animals, lifeless cannibals
These monsters will attack

Taste the blood in the mouth
The citizens scream, but it won't matter now
The world doomed to a life of damnation
Hordes of zombies attack
Track Name: Nightscream
I want to sleep with the light on
Monsters from the dark live under my bed
Kiss my forehead and tuck me in
Whatever you do, leave that switch

Red in eye and shadow of figure
Breathing down my neck
Wait until I am sleep
Invade my bed

Stay awake
Big mistake
Crawl from all corners of the room
To make me scream

You make me scream
Track Name: Old Bones
My girl is dead and there is nothing I can do
I'm standing on your grave and crying over you
I need to feel your touch, oh baby, one last time
I got a spade I'm gonna dig you up tonight

I dig until my spade hits your coffin lid
Then I prise it back and have a peek within
Your lips are blue and your eyes are emerald green
No words can express just what you mean to me

When I feel your cold skin, baby, next to mine
Oh, it feels divine

Then later on I'll take you to my place
Oh honey, sit you down, it's good to see your face
Then later on I'll take you up to bed
Oh honey, lay you down and spread your little legs
Track Name: Ghost Train
My baby don't ride the ghost train
Gets here right on time
My baby don't wanna be too late
Gets here right on time

My baby rides the ghost train
Track Name: Leatherface Doo-Wop
He lives out in Texas somewhere
An evil fiend with an urge to kill
And when you see him, you'd better turn and run
He wants to take your life

They call him Leatherface
He wants to wear your face
And when you see him, you'd better turn and run
Because he wants you
Track Name: Eat My Brains
There's something lurking in the graveyard
Something wants to eat my brains
My girl turned into a zombie
And now she wants to eat my brains

I can tell by the look in your eye
That you want to crack my skull
I can tell by the look in your eye
That you want to eat my brains

Eat my brains